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Dive in and find out about Sharks.

This site offers links to sites about sharks that are for the Primary age students in Grades K-3.


Shark Facts

SHARKICON.GIF (1044 bytes)Animal Bytes--Fast facts about sharks from Sea World of Busch Gardens

SHARKICON.GIF (1044 bytes)AquaFacts: Sharks--True facts from the Vancouver Aquarium at Canada's Pacific National Aquarium

SHARKICON.GIF (1044 bytes)Ask Jake the SeaDog--Ask the Expert questions about Sharks. Read the questions and answers from other students.

SHARKICON.GIF (1044 bytes)Coral Cam--Live cam of sharks in the Waikki Aquarium from the Discovery Channel.

SHARKICON.GIF 1.0 K Find out about prehistoric shark teeth--Find out about prehistoric shark teeth found in the waters around Maryland.

SHARKICON.GIF (1044 bytes)Introduction to Sharks--Lots of informtion about sharks at this site.

SHARKICON.GIF (1044 bytes)Sharks Facts and Fanasty--This site is from the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County is part of their Shark display.

Shark family --This site gives information on the classification of the shark family

True shark facts--From the Center of Shark Research this site gives lots of true facts.

SHARKICON.GIF (1044 bytes)Shark Masters--Ask expert, find out about the myths about sharks, and see some great photos at this NOVA site.

SHARKICON.GIF (1044 bytes)Shark Myths--Find out about what the true facts are about sharks.

SHARKICON.GIF (1044 bytes)Zoom Shark--Super site from Enchanted Learning will give you great information about sharks.

True Facts About the Kinds of Sharks

SHARKICON.GIF (1044 bytes)Amy's Shark Page--Nice photos and true facts about several different sharks including: the Nurse Shark, Whale Shark, Tiger Shark, and the Great White.

SHARKICON.GIF (1044 bytes)Basking Shark or the Bone Shark--True facts and photos about the Basking Shark.

SHARKICON.GIF (1044 bytes)Gray Reef's Sharks--Great information about sharks including the Lemon Shark, Nurse Shark, Hammerhead,and Tiger Shark

SHARKICON.GIF 1.0 K Great White Shark --Great site about the Great White with close up photos.

SHARKICON.GIF 1.0 K Kinds of Sharks --This site has lots of information about all kinds of sharks.

SHARKICON.GIF (1044 bytes)Nurse Shark--Fun facts from the Pittsburge Zoo.

SHARKICON.GIF (1044 bytes)Sharks of Maryland and Delaware--The site gives information about some of the 62 species of sharks that live in the waters off Maryland and Delaware. Includes true facts about:

SHARKICON.GIF (1044 bytes)Ocean of Know--Great interactive site on Sharks. give lots of true facts all about sharks.

SHARKICON.GIF 1.0 K Photos of Sharks --Great photos showing sharks in their natural habitats.

SHARKICON.GIF (1044 bytes)Sea Dwellers--Great photos and facts at this site.

SHARKICON.GIF (1044 bytes)Shark Base--This is a great database that offers information about all sharks species. It is easy to use and to read.

SHARKICON.GIF (1044 bytes)Shark Bytes--True incredible facts about sharks from NOVA Online Learning.

SHARKICON.GIF (1044 bytes)Shark, Etc. Page--Site includes includes information on 22 different species of sharks.

SHARKICON.GIF (1044 bytes)Sharks of Hawaii--Find out about the sharks on the waters of Hawaii.

SHARKICON.GIF (1044 bytes)Shark Species--Includes information and photos on the following sharks: the Great White, Mako, Tiger, Hammerhead, Grey Reef, Blue Shark.

SHARKICON.GIF (1044 bytes)Tiger Shark--True facts about this shark

SHARKICON.GIF (1044 bytes)Who's Who of Sharks--This site gives you the full information on the species and characteristics for each. Great site from NOVA.


Literature Activities

SHARKICON.GIF (1044 bytes)Book List--Recommended reading about sharks for young readers from Sea World

SHARKICON.GIF (1044 bytes)Suggested Reading--Suggested reading materials from National Geographic for Kids


Art & Fun Activities

SHARKICON.GIF (1044 bytes)Basking Shark Photos--Great photos of the Basking Shark.

SHARKICON.GIF (1044 bytes)Clickable Shark--From NOVA Online Adventures find out about the body parts of the shark.

SHARKICON.GIF 1.0 K Computer Images of Marine Animals--See black and white images of marine animals including sharks
SHARKICON.GIF (1044 bytes)Shark Activites--Includes a crossword puzzle and more.

SHARKICON.GIF (1044 bytes)Shark Crossword Puzzle--Crossword puzzle from the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

SHARKICON.GIF (1044 bytes)Shark Quiz--Online Interactive quiz from National Gerographic for Kids...great fun.

SHARKICON.GIF 1.0 K UnderSea Mall--Coloring fun for undersea animals including sharks and whales.



SHARKICON.GIF (1044 bytes)LetsFindout-Knowledge Adventure--Use this online encyclopedia to help you on your search for shark facts.

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